The Top Selling Tile Products from Italy, Spain, and around the World

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24" x 24"


$9.99 – $203.58
Alhambra 24" x 24" Porcelain Floor and Wall Tiles from Apavisa/Aprici Spain. An Encaustic, Spanish, Moroccan, Mediterranean Look Tile. A versatile porcelain floor and wall tile designed to elevate both...
Borghini White Wall Tile
18" x 47"

Borghini White Wall Tile

$9.99 – $286.50
Borghini White is a Glossy Calacatta Gold Marble Look Wall Tile by Apavisa Spain. Apavisa took Calacatta Borghini as its source of inspiration for this collection, a famous Italian marble...
Polar Tuck
10" x 30"

Polar Tuck

$9.99 – $161.39
Polar Tuck 10" x 30" 3D Spanish Wall Tile by Aparici/Apavisa. $11.20/Sq. Ft. | $161.39 per box | 14.41  sq. ft. per box | 7 pcs. per box All products are sold as boxes. Please calculate how...